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Washington National Institute for Wellness Solutions

The Institute for Wellness Solutions is Washington National’s research and consumer education program. The organization sponsors studies and supports consumer awareness campaigns to help Americans meet the challenges of critical illnesses. Specifically, the Institute provides insight and practical advice about:

  • Wellness and illness prevention.
  • Illness care and treatment.
  • Managing the “total costs”—financial and personal—of critical illnesses.



"Insights from Survivors: Managing the Personal, Emotional and Financial Impact of Cancer"

September 2014

This study looks at cancer's lasting impact on middle-income Americans who are diagnosed with cancer or provide care and support to loved ones with cancer. A cancer diagnosis prompts a series of significant changes for those affected, and the physical, emotional and financial scars often remain long after treatment ends.

By evaluating real survivors' experiences, the Washington National Institute for Wellness Solutions hopes to share what others have learned and educate millions of at-risk Americans about life during—and after—cancer treatment.

“Middle-Income America’s Perspectives on Critical Illness and Financial Security”

April 2013

The institute’s first study focuses on the unique needs and perspectives of the 138 million middle-income Americans who must rely on personal resources and support networks when critical illnesses occur. It explores their health concerns, health choices, risk perceptions and their preparations. Key insights are shared on how to prepare for the real costs of critical illness.

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White papers 

"Supplemental Health Insurance: A 'Must' for Americans in a Changing Economy"


Americans increasingly are taking control of the gaps in their health insurance. With supplemental health insurance, they gain a way to combat the uncertainty of unexpected, extended and out-of-pocket expenses associated with basic medical care. Quality care can be expensive, and more families are taking steps to prepare for potentially devastating circumstances.

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Consumer resources 

For more information on facing critical illnesses or improving your physical and financial wellness, visit these resources:

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