When you're injured or ill, your top concern should be getting well and going home.

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Even a brief hospital stay is expensive

When most people think about the high cost of healthcare, they imagine expensive hospital stays and doctor bills—which is accurate.


A typical 3-day stay in a hospital can average up to $30,000.1

1 trillion

U.S. hospital care treatment has reached $1 trillion – that’s 32% of the country’s total healthcare expenditures.2


Nationally, more than $664.8 billion is spent on physician and clinical services.3

Hospital insurance

Washington National offers a standalone hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) insurance policy, and we also include hospitalization and ICU benefits with many of our other supplemental health products.

Hospitalization in real life:

Joe, a factory worker, always feared hospitals and avoided them whenever possible. He didn’t even like visiting close friends and family when they were hospitalized. Still, he felt he should buy a supplemental hospital policy to complement his major medical coverage. When Joe’s appendix was removed, his policy’s $200 daily hospitalization benefit covered a variety of medical and nonmedical expenses.

This example is provided for illustrative purposes only.

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