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6 strategies that help support employee experience

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Employee turns beneficiary after breast cancer diagnosis

Here at Washington National Insurance Company, we handle almost 200,000 claims a year and have paid out...

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Dementia on the rise: What you need to know

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6 employee benefits that support diversity, equity and inclusion

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Preventive care and your employees

From eating better to exercising more, the new year often brings a renewed focus on health. For some of...

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5 workplace changes employers need to prepare for

After a tumultuous three years of lockdowns, supply issues, Great Resignation and labor shortages,...

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3 ways to help employees use their benefits in 2023

New Year’s Day means new planners, hopeful resolutions, black-eyed peas…and kick-off of...

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Q&A: Is heart & stroke insurance right for you?

Are you considering purchasing heart & stroke insurance? You may not understand why you need this...

4 Examples of Insurance Technology for your Benefits Program

These days, you can buy groceries, do your banking and hold an important meeting without ever leaving...