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4 strategies that support employee mental health

There have been positive developments in recent years when it comes to employers providing mental...

Woman taking virtual yoga meditation glass

6 common work-related worries: how to help employees manage

Your employees may seem cool, calm and collected, but inside they might not be feeling so tranquil....

Employees discussing over computer at work

Critical illness insurance fights breast cancer financial toxicity

No one wants to face a breast cancer diagnosis, but this illness is responsible for one in three of all...

women wearing pink at a breast cancer charity event

Life insurance and the Hispanic American community

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 through October 15! While Hispanic Heritage Month...

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6 tips to improve open enrollment participation  

It’s that time of year again: Open enrollment is approaching! If you’re like many...

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How to engage employees in a cybersecurity culture

It’s a normal day at the office when you hear your inbox ding. You see your colleague has emailed the...

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Top 4 reasons to get hospital indemnity insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance—also simply known as hospital insurance—is a type of supplemental...

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Q&A: What is critical illness insurance?

Do you have the opportunity to purchase critical illness insurance at work, or are you considering...

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4 ways benefits advocacy helps employees become better health care consumers

As an employer, you invest significant resources into the benefits you offer your employees, so it’s...

Benefits Advocacy video chat meeting

What is productivity paranoia? 7 statistics to consider

Remote work has rapidly grown and evolved over the past couple years. Only 6% of American workers were...

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