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How to handle social media accounts of deceased loved ones

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Things to do when a loved one dies

Here at Washington National, we’ve paid out more than $1.1 billion in life insurance claims since...


How to organize your important end-of-life documents

The end of your life is the last thing you think about when you’re spending time with family and...


5 life milestones that mean it’s time to review your life insurance

When life’s big milestones happen, how do you celebrate? Perhaps you pop some bubbly, go out to a...


Open enrollment Q&A

Open enrollment for 2020 Marketplace health insurance plans is quickly approaching. Not quite sure what...


8 ways to help prevent accidents at home

Did you know that the common phrase, “Accidents happen,” is actually part of a Charles Dickens...

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2 types of supplemental insurance for new parents

Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Congratulations! This is a time of intense excitement, anticipation...

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How to get heart-smart & improve your heart health

Many people count on you every day: your children, your significant other, your employer and coworkers,...

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Love and marriage and…life insurance?

Wedding season is on, and love is in the air. From coast to coast, couples are planning their dream day...

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25. 40. 55. At what age do you need life insurance?

You become a legal adult at age 18, are allowed to sip alcohol at 21 and can run for U.S. president at...

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